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Access eBooks & Audiobooks

How to access eBooks and Audiobooks

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book presented in a format which allows it to be read on a computer or smart device such as a tablet or cell phone. 

Why read an eBook?

  • Accessible Everywhere: Many books can be downloaded on a single device, making it easy to carry around and taking up less space. And books can be downloaded from anywhere you have access to the internet, meaning you do not have to leave your home to get a new book.
  • Accessibility Options: Most reading apps allow for increased font size, changing of the font style, and read-aloud features. Digital book platforms also have a wider selection of audiobooks.
  • Interactive Elements: Reading apps also have features where you can highlight text, bookmark pages, take notes, and search for dictionary definitions. You can even search the text and use hyperlinks to access extra information.

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is simply a sound recording of a book. Through the Libby app you can download your favorite audiobooks to your phone or tablet.

Why listen to an audiobook?

  • Portability: Take your audiobook with you anywhere. You can always listen to your book while doing other activities such as exercising, housework, road trips, etc.
  • Connection to story: Human voice adds an emotional connection to the story. There’s comfort in hearing the soothing, even tones of another human voice, and this could stimulate a stronger emotional response within us than written narrative, tapping into the “emotional cortex” of the brain.
  • Builds comprehension: For both young and adult readers the experience of listening also builds reading comprehension, expands understanding of pronunciation, tone, story structure and sentence composition.

Where do you get eBooks and audiobooks?

Missouri Libraries 2 Go

You can borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your library's Missouri Libraries 2 Go collection. You can read or listen to downloaded books through the free app Libby. This is a free app created by OverDrive and is available for Android, IOS and Windows 11 devices. You can even have eBooks delivered to a Kindle or Kindle App through Libby. Download Libby here:

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How to use Libby

EBSCO eBooks

You can also download and borrow eBooks through EBSCO to read on your computer or reader app. EBSCO eBooks also have the added feature of being able to download PDF versions of their available books. Click here to get EBSCP eBooks:

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